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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

gosh, i ate a quarter from the half of the watermelon yesterday, and this morning my monthly crampy is here ): grhhhhh,
erm k, i got caught for my baju kurung.. cause it is tore since............. ages, Hahaas, anyway, my kurung is sexy with my doodles & it's tore.. wooot~ and got caught for the 1st time after some ages i wearing this sexy kurung (:

pn.H caught me, teehee ^^ NoNo, i dint make any complains.. (:

she first brought me to en.A's room and asked him whether this is allowed or not, ofcourse he said NO ): talktalktalk,

en.A . Me

so what are you going to do with this kurung?
i wont wear it anymore after today, (:
what if i saw u wearing it again?
i'll change it in schl, on the spot.
ohhhh, so mean u will be wearing it again la?
NoNoNo, hehee..

get it? he is a pro tester, don get tested from him yohhh, but it's fun know?

pn.H . Me

okay, i'll bring u to bilik jahitan to sew ur kurung,
okay okay.. =X
wait me outside..


pn.H is out..

pn.H . Me

girl, why are u here?
errrr, u asked me to wait u here? *wth?!?!*
ohh, okay.. so i dont want to see u wearing this again, i'll check u tmr morning, if i see this again u will be so dead, you'r keceriaan right? u will dead faster.. (forgetten what she said )
*me smilling*
okay, so is it fair?
fair.. xp
okay, faster go back class now..
okay, tq teacher..

grrrrr, i'm like an idiot standing outside for 15mints, greeting teachers, answering teachers why am i standing outside, -.=" LOLs, anyway, overall, i dint make any complains kay?!?! compare to form3's jieyi.

it's true, all the teachers are just doing their job, that's why they catch us when we langgar peraturan of when somebody make repot, who dont we just co-orperate with them instead of hating them? ^^ they are actually really nice, they just have to do their job ^^ so why are u comlpaining when u get caught? dare to do not dare to admit? LOLs,

kay, know what? before recess 10mints, sam was asking what's outside there flying? is that bees? and joshua said NO, but it is, OMG.. u may see like, billion & million & thousandlion of bees, mayb someone itchy hand trash its nest ? and en.Z said there's a girl kena tiang by the bees.. (for more details, may
click here to know more about it. ) LOLs,

after recess, went to "visit" my batik again.. with shareen, sam, joshua, ken and 3malay girls.. was like a "K-Le-Feh" over there, talking to myself infront of my batik, =.-" hehees, went back class during English,

went to backfield sit on the bench with shareen & sam & josh after schl.. (:

darling fetches me, went seapark to got his sis's food, and went to visit her new born baby boy (:

baby, sorry for today being so emotional to you & making u bit angry, tq for understanding my pain & my swing-ing moods, u pujuk-ed me & hugged me and u dint angry of me too eventhough you'r indispose & mad-ing of tired-ness, thx darling ^^ mwahs <3

13days <3

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