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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Helloo, is my blog dead yet? better not ^^ trying to upload pictures but i don't know what's happening to my stupid cable, so i need the card reader.. anyone have one? can i borrow? pls?

okay, well, i'll just post about the past days happenings, will 100% upload the pictures once i upload in my comp (: dont give up yea,

Dint attend to schl, went to Stadium Negara for the Astro Talent Quests (:
i'm fans of Debbie 100% =D and also a small fans of Hou Ren,
i shouted super duper loud for Debbie & Hou Ren, i sms-ed voted for them..
Hou Ren got the highest voters* & he got 3rd place, my Debbie got 2nd & Wan Chien got 1st.. aiks aiks,
and know what? this time compettition's 1st prize is dam crazy good lor,
got Suzuki Swift, Taiwan's trip and lot lot lot lot more, total prize cost RM181k, OMGG..
i can say it is double from the last yr one,
and not forget to mention, i bought their EP cd album ^^ nice u know..
Home at 11pm, slept around 12sometihng..

Woke up around 9am @@" i am seriously damn tired but i cant sleep, GOD..
went to shareen's hse around 10:30am..
was not started baked yet, watching her play games and we watched Spiderwick,
the movie not bad =D , it's actually not really a scary movie, but shareen & her sis scared me, hahahahs, it's really exciting (:
start baking around 1sometihng, may reached around 1:30pm cos she went to SP and im really wanted to have a look at the new cosmetic shop cos she said its all PINK XD hehehe, u cant stop me going in that shop for an hour =p it's also affortable she said..
bean came at around 3something, followed by josh..
thx bean for helping me to do the tart =D and josh incharge of washing instead (:
suppose to go for BB but shareen has dinner around 5 so we cant manage to go ):
fetched may home around 5 and went dinner at ss2 around 8something, (:

Went to schl as usual, went for assembly for the 3rd time in 2oo8 xD
was my darling's bday, (: gave him a box of cheese tart ( i bake one lehh =D ) and a gift which i mentioned earlier... =D he was happy with everytihng too ^^

it's Cou Hong Sang's bday, im gonna be the last one to wish him ^^
went to the hall for some talk, Sunway College.. after recess, suppose to have english lesson during the last 2 periods but duno where did pn.vasanthy went.. so conclusion = another schl day with no studies, ehh, dam sien lor like that.. although we get to have some fun talk chit chat with friends and everytihng but we still need to study right? duhh,

okay, that's all for now, dont give up on me, i'll promise i'll 100% uplaod my pictures soon (pictures on saturday & sunday )

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