Sunday, July 06, 2008

ytd's dinner at ss2 dai thong to celebrate my grandma's bday earlier, her bday is actually next week but due to mummy have to on tour next week so they decided to bring her out to celebrate earlier.. after dinner, went 1U to buy some stuff, we went parkson 1st to see some cosmetic but most of it ... CLOSED -.=" ehh, just 9pm oni lehhhhh, swt,,.. den went to Jusco market to buy some junk food and fruits, (: reaches damansara house around 10++pm,

woke up around 10 today, went to opposite mamak to had breakfast,
well, Damansara house got nothing to do actually, but i love there i duno why, luckily we had laptop there but no internet, ): so we listen songs & makan junk food, had our own small party in the room.. went ming tian had dinner just now and went pasar malam.. and home sweet home (:

pictures later on, lazy =p

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