Wednesday ze Pink day

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Went SP with Hun, suppose for a short walk but ended up he left his car for 2hours car wash. So we gotta entertain abit.

We went to watch Iron man 2, but i think i'd prefer the first one. No comments for the movie, watch it yourself. Btw, i wish i could have the suit so much! hahaha .. I lovee the Triangle heart rather than the round one. :D

Went for a lil shopping but got nothing cause BASKIN stops my way! I promised to hun i will not continue shopping if you get me my Pink Day. Hahaha, and he was like "Shyt! i should have rmb today and not wearing this stupid pink top" . hahaha ..

Thank you Hun, you just can't say no to you lovely baby right? I knoww .. XD

I had my all time fave, Rainbow Sherbet and Strawberry. Hun had his fave Chocolate and chocolate chip. (: Yummms, nom nom !

And probably that's all for the day.

Here's a lil picture about my preferable naked-like make up.

ya, cam cam in the car.

Notice? that i did not put on any obvious make ups like how i did everytime.

I used to have black eye liners, some mascara, most show-up blusher.

But today, i only put on girl-must-have BB magic cream, light orangy blusher from shu emura, and brown shadows with brown eye liner.

Owh, not forget a must have Barbie contact lens :D

And i totally love the way i dress myself today.

*no picture for that*

A singlet top, shorts, slippers and jacket with my DKNY sling bag. (:

Okay, this picture makes me so-just-awake look.

And that's the day (:

Btw, do check out my new updated *about me* post. Click Here . thanks, taataa !

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