#3 It's Sunday ze Family day (:

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ahahaa, the last post for today  (:

have you read #1 and #2? comment it kay? (:

Sorry for splitting 'em all. I wanna blog each day in an individual post.

So yea, for today ..

A veyr thin layer of make up with the usual one, brown eye shadow with a thinner eye liner and peachy blusher.

Pink Flowery outfit.

Was suppose have Chinese buffet with klang families but grandma was MIA for 1hr so dint manage to go.

Also, suppose to drop by OU to get my nail stuff but wtv road closed so decided to go next time ): My nails are still fugly and naked.

Was at Damansara apartment the whole day (:

My current fb profile pic.

I took few pics like this. It's nais i think cos it too sunny outside and only i able to get these sunny effect. this is just one of the picture (:

Had dinner at Ming Tian, taman megah.

Isabell went piano class so left only 4 of us, and was a suddenly-heavy-rain.

So we forced to put on our pretty nais rainbow umbrella up (:

It's damn cool ryte! haha, feelin' on da beach (:

and i only had pizza, Romeo's, the pizza title ..

for my dinner, cos i had maggie half an hour ago.

Oh yea, my eldest aunt, Steph just back from Taiwan. She did not get us many stuff but as usual, she got us sweets from disney (:

So, i left another 2 weeks before my degree starts.

Know what's my feeling now? "just after form 5, waiting to enter college" . hahaha ..

What im gonna do for this two weeks?

First week, mon - thurs will back to Coll for work. Tues work half day, cause going out with gong and friday dinner @ Tao with gong (:

Another week will be.. no idea yet. Hehe ..

well, still considering whther to straighten my hair or not. Cos somehow i have skills to make it much better nao! Teeehees!

Goodnight (:

Today's picture no upload in fb (:

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