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Monday, May 03, 2010

The main reason i wanted to join Project Alpha season 3, is because i wish to be like Xia Xue & Cheesie some day. A famous & top blogger get viewed everyday (:

Project Alpha and the Season 3 came in my life months ago. I was so excited to be one of them. But i wasn't that creative person, spent almost 2-3weeks to think of how should my video be. I kept asking around my friends for ideas and afraid i might miss the due date.

After all thinking and scratching my head, squeezing the brain juices. I decided to make a simple introduction video about myself. and yet feelin' abit stupid of the me-in-the-video. LOLs.

And i was thinking, what's my talent? Cause it stated to make a video about yourself and show your talent. I was so gan jeong about it cause i have no idea what's my talent! That's so stupid!!

I was thinking, my talent? basically on beauty path like Make-ups, fashion, making nails design. But that couldnt be shown in the video, it gonna take some time. So, till the end! I introduced how much i obsessed PINK. -.-" That's real-stupid thing.

Secondly, i don't have a video camera and thanks to my Dell Studio 14 Laptop's webcam to record my video (:

It's the Addidas rolling deodorant!

The fragrance is very nice, refreshing but in the same time very feminine, I would like to have a body milk or cream that smells this nice but the product is very milky and creamy and I am not used to that. Because it is so creamy that’s why it is so difficult to dry because it actually has to be absorbed by the skin and that’s also the reason why it is so sticky.

The Six difference bottle comes with different feelings against the perspiration! 

Orange-Intensive, extra protection
Pink-Control, comfortable protection
Green-Sensitive, caring protection
Blue-Fresh, cooling protection
Purple-Pure, unscented protection
White-Pro clean, superior anti-whitening protection

Check them out Here for more information!

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