Minnie Polky

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's the nail design of the month, May 2010.

Inspiration from Minnie Mouse.

Title: Minnie Polky (Polka Dot)

I was suppose to make a picture tutorial for this, but sad having prob while doing so the picture stopped half way.

But the materials only needed:

Celephonetape (idk how it spells)
Ribbon/bow Stickers
3D Ribbon/bow shape
White - for polka dot (you can use black)
2 diff colour - for the base, 1dark 1 light (base on your like) [suggest red, pink, purple, white, black, blue :cause we're making Minnie Mouse]

I don't actually prefer stickers ribbon, it doesnt looks that perfect. But 3D big ribbon/bow is too exp and i haven purchase .. still considering.

And i wanted to buy own made gel for the bow/ribbon, but it's too exp to hold me back ):

Comments pls (:

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