#2 2010 Labor Day

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Saturday 1st May 2010

The labor day.

Well, i think this yr's labor day has the most happening with family (:

Let's start from the Morning (:

The labor day make-up. Simple and normal with normal make ups, : Brown eye shadow, slightly thick eye liner, and orangy+peachy blusher. Base, i love a very thin one (:

First off to Ss2 had Dim Sum for breakfast, great-grandma came along with us.

Next station to Sunway Pyramid, just to get something for my Aus uncle whom just came back to M'sia.

and bought drinks cause we're all too thirsty,

Lovey Peach Tea (:

Then we off to his place, bringing Ah-Tai (great-grandma) along.

A long chat over there.. and had one of my fav snack or wtv you call it.

Nougat, we pronounce it No-gut. XD hahaa!

It's from Australia, we used to eat only 1 flavor, the orginal one. But i did not expect it actually comes with diff flavor, like cappucino and green tea. They even have soft one, but i prefer the hard one. Cappocino is nice but i'd love if they comes with Tiramisu . Teehee .

I ate 3of the original , 1 soft green tea & 1Cappucino .

Sat for around an hour, we then fetch Ah-Tai home and rest awhile for like 30minutes. Then we moved on to Klang, AEON Bukit Tinggi.

On the way down there .. Pictures alot in the car .. LOLs, here's some.

FYI i did not do any editing for this picture, it comes original like this with my c905 (:

A very pig face of us. XD

Cam cam with this lovely bag, baby sis bought from Morning market with mummy. and i want it but she says NO! ):

The reason shopping at AEON Jusco is because i wanna get an angklet. Yes, mummy paying half for me and im paying myself for another half (: But sadly, i couldn't get Micket series or any suitable white gold. I personally only prefer white gold instead of Pure gold. (:

Went in few shoe shops, to get my new slippers. IDK what it called. but sad din't get to eye on any nice one, but HEELS ALOT! and mummy say no more heels ): I spotted this real dark pink and shiny with shiny sliver base and around 3inches + high heels rm89.90. i wanted it so much! it looks damnn cool but mummy say no ): next time then .

while grandma (mummy's mother) trying on her shoes @ Bata shop, then it's time for pictures (:

First cam pic with mummy at shopping center, XD haha ..

oh ya, my outfit of the day. Lurvey it so much but it makes me look fatty.

Not forget to mention, my baggy tio soy sos ): So now using either Burberry or another one. and my new baggy will arrive by this coming week! Yay (:

This silver shoe im wearing, is the one i said earlier i wanna get a new one because it begin to spoil and i lurvey this type of shoe so much! (:

It matches any kind of outfit.

I just rmb something, im sure everybody heard of this restaurant long time ago in KL Sungai Wang. Toilet bowl or smth.

I think this design is cool yet freaking disgusting!

Chocolate ice-cream on the toilet bowl, like !@#$% omg, how can you enjoy your food like that!

Pictures from Star newspaper, mummy was reading and flipped to this page and we were all talking about it. Ewww!

Forget about it -.- let's continue ..

After a lil shopping at AEON, next to Berry Aunt's Son's full moon dinner party at her hse. They are rich i must say (:

and they have this big doggies so cute!

Lucy, Aussie dog i think. The husband said.

and Bobby, pity have to lock inside, IDK why. It doesnt bite.

and from no where this toy poodle appears, it catches my eyes very fast.

So cute, it's in brown and white! ;D

We sat there till around 1015pm and back to grandma's place.

and she cooked us wine-chicken (direct translate from chinese) IDK what it called.

This is the one, me and mummy's fav but she was on the phone with sabah aunt so dint get to taste it.

And home sweet home around 12 (:

I was recalling back, those previous labor day what were we all doing huh? haha, !

Click here for Labor day's album (:

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