Contact Lens

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sorry i've been M.I.A and left my blog sadly here. Hope you guys still drop by (:

I went Freshlook page to sign up for 3 pairs of FreshLook Illuminate daily disposable lenses and it's finally here! it also come with 30% voucher, for purchase second box.

:D Happy !

Before you continue, just FYI i love contact lens very much, i wore contact lenses since i was 10 already. and till nao i have no choice, cause im a toally four-eye chick with myself-consider-high power -4.50 for both eyes. 

That's why im very addict to get lenses every 1-2 month even i still have 2 pairs + new lenses in my drawer . (: 

And here's my Barbie Lens arrival! :D yes, i currently still have 3, and nao another 2 pairs arrived. 

See, cute anot?!?!? their new packaging! 

So happee after it reach my doorstep. Well, it suppose reach last week but because my cousin laziness so delay till nao. (: 

Here's my design for my club's coming event :D for the poster. Just a draft lah. 

Naise? comment aight? 

Well, me not going to explain about the event here first, wait till everything done and it's open to public so by then you can come and join the fun (: support support okay. 

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