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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A day out for movie with Gong♥ .

Watched IP Man 2.

And im totally in love with this movie, FYI i did not even watch the first one yet.

But gong dl-ing for me, "he says" .

I love the weng chun! buahahah ..

Hik Hiak! i think it's damn awesomely cool when Donnie Yen did it. haha XD *knock head*

And the funniest sentence Donnie Yen says in the movie was :"Pay tuition fee first." hahaha! he kept repeating the sentence in the beginning ... almost everyone in the cinema laughed, including me and gong. XD haha ..

and also the last part the small lil kid said, :"I'm Bruce Lee, *make the nose*." hahaha! so cute aye!

I actually not really into these kung fu thingy, but Donnie Yen's Weng Chun make me feel some curiousity of how they actually can tahan training on the stick thingy. and also Weng Chun is really cool than any other Kung Fu, honestly!

and there's actually quite alot movie contain his Weng Chun, the fast hand attack (IDK what it called) That's very funny when Chong Kah Yan used it in the 72 that movie. Hahaha!

Gong's place after movie, had McD for brunch+tea time @ 330pm, -.-

and cam lot today.

Gong doesn't like to smile nicely infront of the camera -.- and always blame i lessly post our pic, -.-

I combined the pictures, i lazy wan upload one by one plus i don think i need to post them up one by one, gossips are everywhere..

I think the 3rd pic at the bottom really funny XD hahaha

We both din't realise we were actually wearing the same shirt, (both from Hang Ten, Pink with footprint) till we reaches OU only we realised XD

The sister asked:"so sweet ah today? couple shirt, where you buy?" hahaha ..

I bought 4 of this Hang Ten Polo-Tee with Footprint for Gong during CNY, i bought 4 diff colours -.- cos he never buy new shirt plus i had 50% discount that time. But Gong likes it (:

Picture of the day, (: Lurvey this pic.

Sadly, i couldn't make this as my profile pic.

Reasons behind: NONE of my any family member know we both STILL together, NONE any relative Uncle Aunty Know about us too .

There are reasons why lar ofcourse.

Underground relationship for these years, Sad ):

Anyway, 4years 2months anniversary Hun ♥

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