I wanna watch Toy Story 3!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yess, it's Toy Story 3 and as usual, Nuffnang is giving out 50 pairs premier screening to Nuffnangers! So how can i miss this aye? :D

Well, it should be in 3D.

I'm inlove with Toy Story since i was young, sitting on bed, hugging my teddy, watching Toy Story 1 and i never feel bored even i've repeat watching for billion times!

I lovee Woody, he's Cute and abit Dummbo i think .. :D

There'll be some new toy showing in Toy Story 3, and i'd prefer the following ones ..

First, it'd be ..


I can imagine they'll be jumping jumping with cute voices like *doink doink* :D

Next ..

Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear.

Reason simply simple, because it's a Huggin' Teddy bear in PINK!

Hahaa !

Then, ..

Chatter Telephone !

Reason is because it was my childhood toy! :D me and my sisters used to *ring ring* when playing "Family Game", i'll be the mother and she'll be the father then we both will *ring ring* each other, "Mr.Daddy, why are you not home yet? ):"



It's an octopus and FYI i have few stuff in Octopus and it's in Pink. hahaha!

I'd likey Stretch cause it looks like dongg dongg blur blur character play in the Movie. :D Can you imagine a cute toy in the movie, rolling the eye, blur blur dongg dongg going no direction .

Mr Pricklepants!

My another childhood toy :D It's plushy plushy toy and hang on top of my small bed. So how can i not want this my-childhood-toy in Toy Story 3?

My last choice would be ..

Taadaa, Dolly!

Right, it's all girl's fav childhood toy and i named it princess when i was young :D I did not expect it'll come up in Toy Story movie and now here it is! :D

Goodluck for me :D

Date :14th June 10 (Mon)
Time :9.00pm
Venue :GSC Midvalley

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