You made my day, Babe ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hun has just made my day (:

I'm pretty sure, when a person is inlove, in a relationship, He/She will probably says their another half is their everything, and this and that, even a couple only last for a month, but still each couple will think their partner is their everything, Don't you?

And I'll say I love you Babe! Your really my everything, it doesnt matter if we will not last or what-so-ever breaking up *touchwood* but each day i'm with you, your my everything.

A long term relationship aint easy to handle. Like us, though it's already 4 years we've been together. But who knows what has happened in between these?

We broke up once, unexpected thing happened twice, and there's soo many things. But here we are, going on our path.

Honestly, in the past.. when we're still a naive kid, we wants and think to be each other's future. But for now, we don't. After all the happenings, we only want our tmr, but not our future. I mean, we might not know the same things might repeat. and we're both still young, no point thinking too far, right?

All we want, is our both tmr.

Babe, i know it's a super hard time for us going underground and gotto lie to my family about us. We understand why very well. But yet we aren't giving up and babe too (yes, we did before -.-)

Well, too much to tell about the memoirs and the path we're on. But overall i want to say is, thanks babe. I know i've been saying this many times, but thank you for bringing me up how to be mature.

*Ding Dong*, so yea. if you follow me in twitter and facebook.

Hun was suppose to go PD with friends today and i'm suppose to join them, but daddy don't allow so i was kinda emo-ing ytd.

Then i went coll by lrt today and Jiasheng came over to pick me up. Suppose to go for Yr1 registry but ding dong ding dong so friday will go back to check again. And as i was saying, Hun suppose to go PD today but he end up came to pick me up from coll ♥ how lovely was that, but also because his friends all cancelled and changed the plan. LOLs.

So yea, i was starving since ytd night till today 1pm, then we had McD at Hun's place. (:

I'm in love with baby Patrick. I used to like but now love :D This baby P was Jacky's and Hun took to his car, so now it's belongs to us, keke .

And we're planning to get another small one, in either white or red. and no no to black, (: (hopefully can get a big one too in pink XD cause i have one big red one at my damansara apartment, my aunt's one, then i'll buy a big pink P for Hun's place and i can hug to sleep) BUahahahahha, Hun better not see this sentence. kekee .

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