#1 Last day work @ Avery (:

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Friday, 30th May 2010.

the title says it all, it's my last day work @ Avery. Time flies, it's already a month working there, as a part-timer Account Assistant / Clerk.

Firstly, here's my boss .. Mr. Khoo

He's very nice.

Okay, so.. very much thank you to him for giving me this opportunity to work @ Avery and allow me to gain some experiences of the office working environment.

The Managing Director, Mr. Albert Khoo.

He's nice and friendly.

The first day i met him, he says:" Enjoy yourself here." hahaha, a reply here;" Thanks, i do enjoy here (:"

Here's a group pic ..

most of 'em is the Account department,

People at the back(from left - right) : Jenice, Ms.Foong, Ms.Wong, Ms.Lee, Esther
People at the front(from left - right) : Ms.Soo, Norvem, Alice, Ms.Chong, (Me), Sam

I must say, all of them are really nice and funny and friendly (: Nice working with them!

The man with tie on, Mr.Richard

(From left - right) : Ms.Foong, Ms.Chong, (me), Esther & Sam .

(from left - right) : Ms.Foong, Ms.Chong, (me), Esther, & my lovely aunt Ms.Chia

I must say, very much thankful to Ms.Chia, my aunt whom gave me the chance by spoking to her boss to allow me to work in the company (:

This is Norvem, she has a very cute toy poodle, name Cotton.

Once again, very much thankful to all of you, especially Ms.Chong, Ms.Foong & Esther who have lots of patience to guide me and correct my mistakes. (:

Thank you so much, my second job @ Avery.

Luv' ya!

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