TAO with Hun 070510

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Picture of the day (:

It's Friday, 07.05.10

Went Giza Sunway, Kota Damansara with Hun for dinner @ TAO Japanese Buffet. And also a lil walk, since it's a new place.

No pictures for the place, but it somehow like those boulevard, the Puchong's one and another one more i don't rmb where.

It's open air and finally we both know where's Movida, and we think the club lounge is really small as everybody said.

There's more like a chilling place, very cooling and nice atmosphere. *Spotted my new yum cha place*

Before i rate and comment about TAO.

Let's let the pictures do the story first.

Hun got this from Jacky's car. and we were suppose to go with Jacky and Joanna but Jacky gotta work so dint manage to.

And we had Baskin before our dinner. hahaha .. And sad it's not pink day, no free 1scoop ice-cream .

The Sushi, Sashimi.

Feedback: I rate them 8.5/10

Those sashimi is fresh but not enough. But still okay (:

Beef. i don't rmb the name.

Feedback: I don't rate it. I didn't try it, cause i don't eat beef but Hun loves it. He says it's nice, can give a try.


Feedback: 9/10 it's fresh and yummy (: But we had only 3.


Feedback: 7.5/10

I don't prefer all of their tepanyaki like the vege and prawn. The vege not enough taste and the prawn is either over cooked, cause i-don't-know-to-describe. The fish and meat are yummy.

Unagi Tofu

Feedback: 9.5/10

I love the sauce/soup. it's some kind japanese soy sauce taste, perfect with the unagi and tofu (:

We went another round at the sushi bar and got these.

Feedback (not included the lil bowl wtv it call): 9/10

I likes the vege, octopus and jelly fish. All taste good. and the bowl thingy, it really sucky. I think it's smth like those korean side dishes that "gong yi zai" but this it tooo hard like rock -.-

Smoke salmon + vege roll

Feedback: 9.5/10

Taste very nice. (: with some mix vege inside, (we dint actually unfold it to see what's inside)

We also tried the abalone, it's nice but they added some taste like wasabi sauce on it. -.- I rate it 9.5/10

Overall, the food i give them 9/10, service 9.8/10. haha .. atmosphere 9/10 . for two seats it's abit too small i think.

It was 58++ for dinner, (: So i think it's fine.

Here's the rest of the pictures .

Oh, left this out. The unagi roll. Rate 9/10

while waiting for the bill ;D

That's all for Friday's post (:

I lovey my Mini Instant camera, Fujifilm

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