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Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you ready for the long pictures post?

Went one of Oriental Group restaurant, Noble House located at KL for brunch Buffet and also to celebrate belated Mother's day. It's a chinese buffet and come with a bowl of shark fin for every adult age 12 above. And it's from 1130am - 3pm. Eat all you can (: and some of their foods don't repeat.

So there's total 3 families, my family with Granny, and my two uncle family from klang with grandma.

So, let's the pictures do the talking.


Two types of SharkFin soup. Depend which package you take. There's rm40++ per head and you'll get the #1 . and another one is rm58++ per head you'll get #2.

It's vegetarian abalone i think, i din't taste it.

Mamit Chicken i think, i did not taste it also.

Fried Prawn

Lobster meat

Cheesy oyster

Lobster mean salad. The top one in overall.

some raw foods. and the "lo" i forgot it's english term.

Dim sum area.

The beiking duck

Fried yam and fried chee cheong fun

Pepper soup, double thumbs up!

Beiking duck

Cheesy lobster, double thumbs up!

Siu yok

Wrap fish

Cheesy scallop

Cheesy lobster & cheesy scallop, Both double thumbs up!

Herbal jelly

Unagi. *thumbs up*

Overall, i can say the foods are all very nice and very worth for rm40++ & rm58++ per head. The lobster is already half amount of it. and the Sharkfin soup.

No.19, Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03- 2145 8822 Fax : 03- 2141 3822 

Visit HERE for more information (: 


Went Lagoon with Hun, Joanna, Jacky & Ah Bee. (: 

and the day was fun, then we bought all the steamboat ingredients @ Jusco and Giant . 

So yea, this is part we have for the night. And sadly i left after everything prepared, so i end up empty stomach for the night and there were all enjoying there. How sad right? *ignore* 


Tuesday, which my first day back to coll for my degree. It's just orientation week, kinda extra for us, progression students from foundation. So, all of us only went for 1 day and next week Mon, Wed and Thurs only needed to attend. 

And im feelin like my first day foundation back to 2009. Haha, :D 

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