A day Home

Monday, May 03, 2010

I was suppose back to coll for work, but who knows i was badly diarrhea the whole night ytd makes me couldn't sleep at all and feeling superly energyless this morning. So i forced to text Yaw Kwan to apologies that i couldnt attend today.

So, a day home was actually very boring. Nothing much can do at home besides online ..

Early morning i woke up i decided to wash my clothes and clean my messy room (: It's to neat and clean nao!

My pretty bed

And my pretty lil desk .

My uncle went Macau 2weeks ago and just came back on the past friday.

He bought me a very lovely watch purely from Japan, it cost quite a bomb and it left only one there!

So cute right?

Now i have to lovely watches :D

Omgg, that's so making me into a watch addict soon.

X/ am now already a very shoe addict and baggy addict liao ><

Well, my meal today have to be very clear..

white poridge..

So sad,

Oh yea, i just left out.

He also bought me fake eye lashy, which i wanted that brand so badly.

Nice righT?

It's purely from japan, able to get it from Sasa in M'sia but it consider costing me a bomb for 1 pair lashy actually, so i never buy it.

I don rmb how much but it's around 19.90 or more. for 1 lashy only kay!

Oops, my sis waiting me to have her seaweed. Ciaozy!

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