Just a day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's tuesday, and always a not-happening day as usual .

I ordered my hair spray and cleansing mousse on Sunday, and i got it today! how fast can it be.

like usually u purchase something online and you have to wait atleast a week or like 3-5 days to get them, the fastest right? but i got them in just 2days.

oh well, i got them from Okia online shopping. I did bought masks from her last yr.

It's all the 女人我最大 Taiwan one of the popular girly show. I used to catch them every episode but hardly nao.

Anyway, here's my item.

The hair spray and cleansing mousse.

In case you don't rmb, i actually bought my new hair treatment spray end of march i think, and it left half now.

The hair spray smells totally great, in rose :D

I was checking my mailbox just now and open an email from my coll. Then i downloaded the attachment and open it.

it gave me a huge heartattack as i was searching for my ID.

enlarge it if u cant see.

I highlighted mine, and they are just a dumbo. the list is not properly arrange and totally in a mess.

Phew, thank god my TP is in the list, else i'll end up crying under the rain. haha!

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