Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's Mother's day.

How lovely when you hear the word Mother.

No one can ever say they don love their mom, no matter what.

I love my mom very much, i must say.

Here's my lovely mommy.

She is my super woman!

She work superb hard to take care this family .

She rather had white bread every lunch during work and save all the money for her 3 lil girl on anything they want.

She'll always never forget to fill up her daughters' every weekends and holidays. She always have plans bringing her family on trips once there's a public holiday and any holidays.

there's sooo much i can never finish telling about my mom. She's really a superwoman i ever seen. I'm sure every mother is their child's super woman.

A latest picture of her. (:

p/s: she seldom wants to take picture but she love taking pictures for her 3 girls.

I love you mommy, though you are not here for 2010 mother's day. But your always in our heart and everyday is a mother's day (:

We're all here waiting you to come back for celebration. I love you mommy!

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