Sunday Ze Family day

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Sunday as usual ze family day.

Went to collect my baby Jay's album after breakfast, i can't waitt !!

Wheee, i bought two set cause it's diff set. One with metal box and another one with his 9 albums badges. I've mentioned earlier in my previous post.

So happy nao but sad i don't have his poster ):

Then off to OU after that, and they have few fairs.

Like this one at the new wing center, IP Man (:

It's talking all about Bruce Lee history and IP Man's.

IP Man's battle ground.

No idea why is there a Lion Head.

The woody thing that Bruce Lee, IP man use to practice their kung fu and weng chun :D

Part of Bruce Lee's collections. (:

Next station we drop by at old wing's center, it's Shojikiya's japanese shop fair and i got my fav.

There should be another peach water but sad, no stock liao.

I wanted to buy more but $$, and overall only spent rm59. :D

then next to Jusco to get sis's camera, Nikon S620, pink one and i want the mini dslr so much =X

And i was playing with mini dslr and ricoh while she's making decision of which cam.

Had a so called tea time at Arena (:

went to damansara apartment for chilling and dropped aunt to kl sentral then had dinner at forum 19 and here am i blogging (:

And probably delay ytd's dinner . :D

Me aint a lazy blogger, just a lazy photo editor (: So many pic, i wanna combine them all, but lazy -.-


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