Thursday, May 27, 2010

Was at gong's place, and doing nothing.. Out of a sudden, i'm reading all the past post in my blog.

There was so many changes in between ..

So many ups and downs, and i've actually gone through lots of turns.

I don't consider i've fully grown, and i rather not :D

but well, after going through those, i've seen myself actually have gone through alot and experienced many diff thing, ofcourse not as happening as the others.

Yet, i consider myself have experienced many .. compare to my both sisters, definately i don't wish they 'd gone through path i've passed.

Besides, i also see many repeats.. and things getting better, but only some and not all . it needs more time (:

Phew, i must no deny i'm already 19, and it's time to grow. There's many things comin' and im going for it.

(: Cheers for the day!

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