My Yummy Homemade Healthy Sandwich :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A day home today, so i decided to make my own healthy sandwich (listed in my diet plan).

It's been so long since i last have a sandwich.

SO, firstly.

You need 2slice of white bread (of which ever bread you'd prefer), 1omega egg, half tomato in small size or big (it's up to you) and 1piece lettuce.

You may add luncheon meat, i din't cause finished dy ):


toast your bread for 5-8minutes.


Slice your tomato and cut lettuce into half if it's too big piece.


Crack your egg into a bowl first (im taking two eggs, cause cousins want to eat).

Add, pepper & soy sauce (just a lil will do, for some taste)


stir/mix it. 


heat up your pan, and put some olive oil. 


then cook your egg till it's cooked, (im making 80% cooked, it's base on personal likes)


and your almost done! 

Just put lettuce then tomato then egg (: it'd be best if you have mayo. (mine finished) 


i add ketchup instead, and taadaa! Homemade healthy sandwich is done! 

*nom nom*

I also have own-squeeze orange juice with no ice no sugar (: 

comments are welcome (: 

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