Quick Update

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A very quick update, i'm sorry i couldn't blog nicely for today cause my mood still imbalance nao =/ I'm a very emotional person alryte.

My very understanding mummy bought me strawberries yesterday, it's RM10 for one small box which only have 8-10 strawberries i think? It's expensive la.

But it's somehow worth it cause you can see how big is it.

Thanks mummy, the most understand-me among the whole family. She knew i was kinda upset and down after since Monday incident and keep lock myself in room, she non-stop trying to make me feel better and cheer me up. Thanks mii .

Here's the picture of the day, (: the pro driver we saw at Puchong Bandar Kinrara straight road at around 1030am ++

Ini ialah avanza and "ter-pandu" ke longkang dan pose cantik cantik di dalam kereta lalu senyum dengan passerby. haha! i wonder when was the last time i can write/speak a sentence of malay. *clap clap*


So yea, it's kinda heavy rain at that moment and we passed by this pro driver god knows why he's there (:

And good news, my online purchase bag on Last month is finally here. But only 1, another 2 the girl made a mistake, so have to wait (:

Naise!! and i've purchase another bag again -.-

Went Le Maridian for buffet dinner with sis and uncle aunty, will post about it tmr, many cam pics (:


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