How i wish if somebody stand on my side understand my feeling and think for me.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I've got my photos from Mike, very much thank you :D

Here's two i picked that i like.

I think this is superb cool!

and i like this :D It somehow shows my mood.


Girls just love to picture pretty much, every girls' want.

No girls can ever leave without "camwhore" the word, spoken in malaysia.

I'm sorry, i just afraid the word "camwhore". My aunt from US actually screwed me very badly for using the word "CAMWHORE" cause i AINT a whore! LMAO.

I finally start trying out to cam myself with my mini instant camera, and im superbly lovin' it! I always love the effect of instant camera's result. It always gives you mostly what you want.

and it has a diff feeling with it. Don't you think so?

I love the left one. :D

Both cam during family dinner just now.

SO yea, i have things to blog since it's just a random post.

There's so many cannot be spoken out, it has to be secret to certain people, my parents. which about my relationship .

I'm sorry if i said i feel so lifeless sometimes in my tweet.  I DO LOVE MY LIFE AND THANKFUL TO MY PARENTS OKAY .

But what i want to say is, sometime i wish i could have a lil bit diff life like not that over control in my life, seriously.

I sometimes wish to do what others could, like night life such as yum cha till 12am, overnight trip with friends and bf, no underground relationship .. get what i mean?

im sure this is what the basic things everybody wants for. I'm very thankful i have such pretty-overly strict parents. But i do need a slightly more freedom, and there's nothing diff "CURFEW EXTENDED".

I wish i could share my relationship-talk with mummy daddy, telling them about how my relationship going on, giving advices, breakfast lunch dinner together with mummy daddy and bf .. and those .. isn't this is so nice and many many unwanted things will never happen.

Ofcouse, i don't blame them for doing this. I do understand, and i don't mind my dad dislike and doesnt accept bf, but he should not came out with those hurting words about bf. I mean, even i lied we're friends, he still hate me meeting him, hanging out with him. He controls who are my friend, how i met my friends .. I understand why he did so, but can somebody stand on my side and think for me and understand how i feel and stop giving advice saying i'm wrong because none of you understand the actual situation..

It's been so long there's somebody standing on my side to think and understand me, only bf. and there's so many things im sure i don't need to speak them out here.. because i don need to hurt anyone and i don't need opinion from people who doesn't actually know the truth and giving me the so-called mature thinking advices.

Sighs, i'm sorry if i've offence any of you. Cause i've been keeping so much inside and i just have to complains some time.

I say, who know the true fact of Jieyi?

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