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Friday, December 07, 2007

A post, telling you who am I (: 

Obviously just a ordinary girl came to this world on the 9th of March in 1991. 

Well, sometimes i think that it's irritating writing a post about yourself. Somehow it might turn into grandmother story. haha

Let's just start with the common and basic one. 

My name Jieyi, pronounce as J-E, not Ji Yi nor Jia Yi -.- I know your laughing at my name, the J-E disease. I used to dislike my name when i was young, when everyone teasing my name the *J-E pig* they call it. haha .. But when days goes by, after i grew up. I love my name. It's not the-only-name in the world, there's somebody has the same name, but still i love my name very much. I think it's cool. haha! 

Pinkabell, my nickname. Call me Pinko if you dislike calling long name. Pinkabell this name came since i was 14, when i realise Pink is totally my drug. Then Pinko came since 2009, where everybody keep calling diff names with the PINK. To make something special, instead of Pinky, i named Pinko. You don't put Pinka, Pinku. LOL. 

I love taking pictures very much, as the Malaysian called Camwhore. I cam in anytime and anywhere as long there's a camera or a available-camera-phone with me. But nao I uses my c905 8.1 mp camera phone to cam (: Not forget, i own a Fujifilm Instax mini 7s, instant camera (: I love it so much.. 

I uses photoshop too, for the effects and others but not like what other girls did, enlarge their eyes, make themselve thinner and etc .. obviously i'm absolutely satisfy with my everything, only my fats got to get them off -.- and my never-ending diet plan, *whoops* 

A lil interest of mine. I love everything in Pink, I love shopping but a window-shopaholic (: I aint rich, but i love spending. *buahahaha* FYI, i only spend on things i really need and i do not have. So yea, i spend in a right way and i spend 99% on food rather than clothes, footwear, and stufff .. I love food, especially Japanese and Korean foods. Imma totally a Sashimi lover (: I love raw foods. 

As what others says, chocolate are woman's happiness. Chocolate makes all female happy, i absolutely agree with this. I barely have sweets, but i had chocolates quite often. And strawberries, honeydew, my very-addiction fruit. I love roses, so i love roses drinks :D They taste superb sweet and i have my hairspray, cleansing, mask all in roses (: *awwwww* 

I do not have such fantastic night life, honestly. My very first impression to every single new faces, they have very much confident thinks that i must be have a very interesting night life, going clubs, drinking session after 11pm, going up the hills in the middle of the night and wtv you can think of. But so sad, i had a very controlled curfew. I must be home the latest by 11pm and it depend what time i went out. Mostly not more than 6-8 hours and i can't go out that often. I might ending up with ear bursting from grandma and daddy. Great -.- 

But imma very active person, (it depend) I can be superb playful once im into it. I loves events very much. Though i don't club, but doesnt mean i don't join events. (but those are college events, -.-) I love such interesting and biggy events like my first year in college, 2009. I joined the Multicultural Night event and modeled for it. (: 

And the Annual Year End gathering, prom night. I joined the Prom Queen and got the third place. 

That's cool. 

I love partey. Anywhere but not clubs. IDK, i have bad impression towards clubs, (i never been to clubs before, FYI) obviously told by parents, friends and people who clubs. haha. IDK, but i can never had an idea what's so fun in club? Dancing? drinking? I think i only interested in events, like the bazaar at MOS and Hennesey Artistry but sad i never been for once. 

I love travelling very very much, i mean everyone does, duh! My dream-travel to Japan and Korea and Taiwan, next to Australia. But i've been Aus before and when i was young my mom said i been to Hong Kong, China and god knows where. It was when i was age of 2- 4. Seriously i remember nothing. haha, sorry mom. 

I must admit i cry alot, for every single little thing. When i failed, when i'm wrong, when i watch or see smth sad and touching, when i see CHINA EATS BABIES AND WOMEN, when mummy daddy say no to things i want and etc .. I even cry, when i see mummy daddy argued. But that's not the silliest, I cried when i was young, mummy when overseas for work and my younger sister have to came to convince me talk to me sayang me and i remember she told me "mummy just go for work, stop crying!" hahaa, that's superb silly i think. I'm the most mummy-girl since young and among me and my 2 lil sisters. 2nd sis is more to grandma (mummy's mum) and baby sis more to my aunt (her god mother, my dad's sister) . And only me, a mummy-sticky-note. :D 

I have a lovely boyfriend, which we always argue so much and end up in a fight sometimes. wtf. we've been together for 4years sinced 2006. He has only 3-5cm taller than me *shhhh* haha .. 

Okay, no grandma story for my relationship. Follow my blog post to know about us then. 

I work for my college, APIIT/UCTI as a mini student helper.. Which i'm also now going for Web Media Technology. The truth, i have no friends from my high school and anywhere in that college. That's very sad and lonely okay, but i still atleast have the "college friends" . 

Wait, i must say thank you so much if your reading till here. (: 

I always live in wander world, the wonderland. And i always miss my those old times. (: But I always remind myself that, Don't live in yesterday, because I'm going to tomorrow. Those are yesterdays, make them better tomorrow. and many sentence like this .. 

I tend to be very strong and powder-ful most of the time when i leave my house door, there are fantastic reasons behind to motivate myself to be more independence and strong. But when i reaches my room door step, there's when the true Jieyi. And only bf and people close to me know who am i, but none know it all. I can be a superwoman, but i'm always the lil naive girl back at home. (:

It's hard to know the truth naive Jieyi, but you may keep on track in my blog to figure out who's this girl is. (: 

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