a day wit sadness n some hapiness .

Sunday, December 09, 2007

early in the morning.. finish changing , make up wtv..
me n my 2 sisters went to the dining room to wait for my mom to go to klang..

!#$%&@ * argue-ing *
* bang door sound *
wat hapen ?
it was my dad n my mom argue-ing..
my 2 sis asked me : " jie.. wat hapen ? "
i ask them to keep quiet..
cox i know wat happen.
halfway they argue..

i cry !?!?!!!!

it makes me think back wen i was young.. whenever i heard my parents argue i sure cry n yet now im still !!
sudenly my dad came down.. find his pant..
den he tell us.. : " U all dont have to be upset.. ur dad used to it. "
den i cry again..
i dislike my parents argue n i dislike my dad being like dat..

* after 20mints *

my mom came down n we start going out..

* 10mint *

we reach klang n have breakfast wit my grandma grandpa n all aunties.
after breakfast.. we all went back to my grandpa hse den we went to the bukit tinggi new JJ..
me n my mom had went in almost all shops which is selling shoes n shirt.. haha
but de end we nvr buy cox we dont found suit us 1..
den i went back to dat shoe shop which i've target few shoes.. once i get in i js spot on the shoe which i want.. n my mom brought for me !! tq mom !!

after buying my shoe.. we went to KFC to eat.. finish eating den we go home.. ^^


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