a day (:

Monday, December 17, 2007

it another dae full wit sienness..
n i know im late to watch magic gourd & enchanted..
it really nice !!
n i love her shirtsss so much!!
kekex ~
so hemm.. he's now at PD ALREADY..
& he is having steambot for dinner..
GRAAHH !! how nice if i were ther wit him.. ):
we can have a night sweet walk after dinner at de beachside..
splashing each others..
catch some crabs atnite..
dis n dat..
many sweet things can do !!
grrraahh !!
I HATE dis feeling which can only imagine !!!! sob..
when will de b 1st date to beachside wit him??????
FXCK! sad... our date will only be 1 place.. 1U !!
ene though is wit frensssss..
issshhhh !!! speeeechleessss now..
i miss him ):
- end -
* 5more days..

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