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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

28th nov '07. - 2nd dec '07.
these days i've went to my grand hse which is at klang.. actually i don really wanna go but my sister left me at home so i've followed her to go. in there days. seriously.. i miss my computer so much!! but since my cousin had back from sabah.. so it alright.. i'll stay there n play wit them..
thusday , 29th of nov.
we all kids including me went to klang parade to spend our " sienness " time.. walkwalkwalk.. sien!! nth to do. so we decide to go circus play things. we change some tokens to play dancing .. haha.. wth?? we had choose a freakin hard song.. lala.. 1st round the boys win me.. haha. ( ofcox la! they 3 vs 1 ) 2nd round finally i win them!! hahaa. den last round.. no body win.. =p around 5.. my aunt come fetch us back.. (:
30th nov , friday
the last day of nov. eryone has decided to play a water game today. we'r all seperate into 2 groups. the red n white group (: it seriously fun playing wit kids somtimes.. haha.. it almost 3hrs we'v spent to play. then we take turns to bath.. guess wawt? me n my sis n my 3cousin.. total 5 of us had squeeze into 1 toilet to bath together.. haha!
saturday, 1st dec.
atnight. midnight.. my another aunt finally back from london!! hmm well. tell the truth i dont realli likes her but im ok wit her la!! haha.. she nvr sleep the whole night.. n she used to it since the 1st day i know her !! haha.. n she ate alot when she reach home.. =.="
sunday 2nd dec.
early morning.. my mum n my aunt is still cleaning the hse for the whole night n yet haven finish cleaning.. wth? early morning 9 o'clock we all woke up n go to pasar pagi.. then my mom n my aunt continued to clean the hse.. swtss.. atnight.. after dinner .. is time for me to go back my home!! thx god..haha.. once i reach home at 8. i nvr change or clear my stufff.. i js lye on my princess bed n sleep!!
monday , 3rd dec.
wth?? that china baby is crying again!! i m js so freakin pist okay!! im having my beauty sleep!! afternoon around2 .. josh come collect his cd.. today is seriously bored la okay!! but it ok! tmr.. haha.. i can go out again.. kaka..
stop here la.. brain blank.. no idea wat to write.. let continue tmr ok?? hehe.. nights.. (:

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