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Thursday, December 20, 2007

20 dec 07

morning 11 something..
my mom come to my jie hse n fetch us go back home..
after reach home ..
we change n erything done..
wait for my aunt n uncle come to my hse den we go to KLCC..

sudenly rain so heavily..
den we decide to go to Sungai Wang..
@ SW..
so many sales laaaa..
OMG.. !!!
we go to gas online as my fav restaurant to have breakfast + lunch..
so i've eat coselaw wit mushroom soup & 1 strawberry soda..
makes me so full..
after eating..
we walkwalkwalk..
den i've brought few shirts..
my mom n my cousin they all got nth to buy so we balik rumah lor..
raining again..
den I, da one decide to go to klang..
mom n my aunt they all go pasar malam n i sleep awhile..
im js so tired..
after dat we go to de mamak which i loves to go so much to have dinner..
n i have 1 roti tisu & 1 limau ice..
yummmeee ^^
den...after i reach home..
i try all de shirts..
den i decide to on9 n put my pictures into comp from da fone..
but i cant find my cable!!!
tmr find la.. =p
- goodnight - (:

* picture will post tmr .. *

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