X`mas Shopping wit my Boi <3

Friday, December 21, 2007

finally it todae !!
a day out wit mai boi !! <3
i wake up at around 9:42am..
den i start ready..
after 1hr i finish ready erything..
i call my boiboi to wake up n fetch me..

10mints later..
around 11:11am..
he reach my hse n fetch me to go 1U ^^

10mint later.
we found parking..
so early den got so many cars huh ??
we 1st go find jacky..
n he tell us dat todae rainie yang cheng ling got a small concert..
so dat y so many ppl come to 1U early morning..
after dat..
we go to ROMP.. hmm nth suit nth nice..
den i go SASA buy my mascara `total rm107 !!
den we go back find jacky to have breakfast + lunch..
duno wat to eat so JACKY decides to go GENKI SUSHI !!
jacky belangja us cox my boi todae nvr bring much money..
so he owe jacky 1st..
den let see..
we walkwalk..
see here see there..
we go in S&J n have a look..
hmmm i saw a cute little pink & white fan..
n i buy it.. `rm10
den we go MAGGIE-T which is my fav shop..
i nvr buy anything..
just buy a small pig pillow for my dear for his new car next week ^^ ` rm50
continue.. we go in to MOMOE which is also my fav shop..
at there..
i buy 2 T-shirts which coast rm45 & 1 spegetti stripe coast rm27.. `total rm70
den.. walkwalk..
we go in MINITOON..
i buy 2 cute dice & 1 cute little octopus for my dear for his new car ^^ `total rm20
well.. my dear is tired n his leg is hurts..
so we walk decide to walk back to carpark..
oh ya.. b4 dat we went into ZERO HOUR to have a look n i saw i bag..
den atlast my dear buy for me n it coast rm70 !!
im so hapie..
n i've promise him todae is de last dae spending so much money cox he have to start to pay for his new car from JAN onwards..

on de way to carpark we saw APRIL wit her bf i think..
n my dear called her " hey bitch " n she slap my dear's hand.. =.="
ASS !!
lala.. but they used to like dat call.. so muahaha.. I DONT CARE !! so don Fxckin sms me say my boi cal u bitch ^^v
den 1st we go to my boi's hse 1st..
n nap awhile take some pictures..
den i start do wat i used to do at my hse .. " try my shirts n stuff !! " keke
so around 4:35 pm..
my boi fetch me home ^^

after i reach home..
i do my mask n sleeeeeppp..
n finally i've finish making my pictureS ^^

today is better.. we've spend lesser than b4 dat .. `total rm346 (:

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