yesterday (:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

19 dec 07

early morning..
receive a sms from my aunt..
" we'll come around 9am "
well okay..
now it already 8:11 so i wake up n ready erything..

wait wait wait..
y so long ???

i sms my jie..
ask her where are they.
n she reply say coming ..

they are FINALLY here.. =.=

so 1st we go to old town eat dim sum..
den we go ikea..
buy some stuff..
den go ikano..
hmmm nth to buy..
den go to the curve..
@ curve..
we go in alot branded shop..
nth to buy..
den we go in ThreepointSix..
my jie buy me a "bareback" shirt in white wit purple outline wit a cute little picture.. haha
and guess wat??
i saw PAPA @ JOSHII.. !!!
den i belanja my jie n my sis eat ice cream (:
after dat.. and..
den we all go back to my jie hse..
around 5 something..
me n my jie take cab to midvalley to buy christams present..

finally found a shirt suit for my 2nd sis..
den we go in acessories shop..
buy lot of diff cute clips n put it in 1 cute little pink heart shape box for my youngest sis..
we go in " The Perfume Shop " to buy perfume for her bf..
den we rush to go back home cox my dad is on da way going to her hse n i cant let him know dat i take cab to MV..

we reach home..
wait for my mom come den we go to my jie new hse to clean her cupboard..
it so freakin tired okkkaaaaayyy!!
n u know waT??
finally i got to go her hse to sleepover & i've paint a cute little nails design with black n white n added some cute diamonds & bubble..

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