thursday (:

Thursday, December 06, 2007

morning * 2 : 28 am *

* phone call from 3rd aunt *

my cousin answer..
i ask her.. who call ?
she said her mom..
i ask y?
she said her mom wants her to go home cox worried bout her..
fine.. am js so sleepy i don care la..

* 3:o0 am *

my grandpa knock on my door n say : jieyi jieyi.. ur 3rd aunt is here.. she wants her daughter.

WTF ? u're the one who ask ur daughter stay over my hse until saturday n now u want to bring her back in middle of the night? cant u js bring her back in the next day ??

im js so pist okay !!

* continue sleep *

* 11 : 38 am *
too tired n too lazy to wake up..
but i cant sleep d..
so i wake up n drink cup of water..
nth to eat nth to do..

* forum..
* msn ..
* blog ..
* forum ..
* blog ..
* msn ..

blaah ! nth to do laa..

haha.. decide to paint my nails again !!
many to paint so js paint halfway 1st la k..
finish painting..
being pig (:
and ... :p

guess wat i'v found (:

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