What Sould It be?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

OMG! just 1more day and we'll be waving 2oo8 with our left hand and welcome 2oo9 with out right hand. How fast time flies. It's another year again. Mayb there's nothing diff nothing's new to peepo out there but there's loads of diff for me in the new year, unlik the past new years.. Sighing and counting how many days to schl reopen, wearing the same schl uniform again.


creating a share blog with my sis, not done yet.. haha.. we both are lazy to edit the layout, but we will =) and will reopen button request in our share blog. So stay tune =) and we have made almost 30+ 100% pure selfmade buttons. teehee, im making a new one now.

lalala, seriously bored. my sis went to take her PMR result today and she's quite satisfied with her result, even better than me. hahass.. i went to baby's place today, miss him nmuch =3 *hugs* awwww, our christmas cake is now in the dustbin due to the expiry date. but atleast we manage to eat quarter of it. hahaa.. =)

I friggin need a job & $$ right now! not gonna survive new year with only 1top and 1bottom, this will be so stupid kay =/ sob. Gosh, my facebook is probably dead =/ i did not even log in for almost 2weeks. hahahaa.. kelian my pet in the pet society.

btw, for all the girls who love pretty, take a look at here hii girl, interested in korea stock colour lens? or fake/human hair extension? http://profiles.friendster.com/93337040 =) no regret !

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