It Just Began.

Friday, January 02, 2009

OMG! Dint manage to post on the last day of 2oo8 & the first day of 2oo9 and i supposed to! x.x"

Manage to join the countdown @ The Curve with my old schlmate a.k.a my Kor, they had like 7+ ppl in a group and seperated into two groups, so our group have like 7 ppl, they were nice and fun ^^ we countdown together and bought the spray for the last minute cos trying to get cheaper but dint manage to.. I did not get spray much but kesian the boys. Hahas, The reminds me when i was form1-3, with those so-called trustworthy big group of friends, but I still love the moment and nvr regret though things happened like that. And i seriously miss my Mawar classmate, my best ever trustable jimui - Sam, HS, Ken, Yin Fun.. the funny one, Vicky, Kah Jin their gang.. the helpful gang.. blahs! I seriously miss them so so much. I wish i could study just another 1more year with them, in the same class with them. *hugs*

I realize everything has changed after schl, everyone's att, personalities, and loads and loads..

Okay, let not tears flow down.. *just in case i will*

went to Klang for a visit @ my grandparents place which is my mom's side with my family yesterday.. had dinner there..

went 1U today for an interview, GoD! I've been google-ing since ytd night untill today, and I've sent loads of mails and now waiting for replies. Wish my GoodLuck. I suppose approved 2jobs by the employee and due to some stupid reasons, I dint manage to work there =( sobbs. and visited YF today at her work place, teehee. I miss her.

Alright, went to make a new spec for myself and dad just now. WoW, my power did increase but that guy decided to keep my power same for my new spec. GooD =) cos i can still see clearly with this power now. haha, curious of my superb power? LOLs. figure yourself. =p

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