Im not sure, it wasn't suppose to.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yea, trying to spend a lil time to check my mails and blog =) I miss my blog so much. I can rmb i used to renew my layout everytime. hahas.

Just got my colour lens. I dont even how many pairs and what colour i've bought until my sis sent to me ytd night. LOLs. got free lens case and pretty love it so much! and it's so pretty cute and adorable!

Was suppose to send my friend's lens but couldnt make it due to the heavy rain and the jams there. It's obsolutely friggin jams this week because it's new year next week and am still here complaining I-don't-have-enough-new-year-cloths-and-i-need-$$ !

Gawd, this is just so sick. I've been feeling illness since last week untill now. no improvement at all. Kor drives me home just now by mummy's dinner at nowhere. hahahas.

I'm actually not busy after work at home but im just too tired to blog and see the monitor. I dont feel enough sleep everyday For-Godness-Sake though i sleep early every night but i dont this few nights.

Understand what im talking ah? nevermind lah.


Mayb it's mine's but mayb it's yours. God knows what's going
on and we just couldnt feel better. Mayb we should take a break though we nvr
want to. I love you. But it's reaching the ending point. What should we

attending my 4th driving lesson tmr, gonna edit some of my blog's profile. taaaz.

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