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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Was suppose yum chat with kor ytd night but couldnt make it. So I'll just keep myself in room and prepare a lil for CNY.

Like finally I painted red+pink on my nails ytd night and added some glitters, So it wouldnt looks plain and it almost freaks me out because it's night time and with redy pinky nails. ewwww. but it looks nice after added some glitters on it =)

Alright, went for lunch with my family and my mom's brothers' families at Amarda Hotel, ( or wtv it is ) around 12.. Woooo, I spent almost 2 hours for preparing because i wanna try something on my hair and it sucessed! I curl-ed some of my hair and straighten some so it wont looks too mature =) and totally love today's style. hahahahs *perasan-nya*

home after that and accompany kor for his *brunch*. LOLs. we went to wong kok.. and had loads of conversation.. hahahas..

and im now at home =) dint help for tonight's dinner.. muahahaha.. due to my left eye abit prob =( .. grahhh!

alright, shall continue tmr. btw, i dint know I've picture almost 20 pictures today during lunch time with my sis. hahaha.. will post up those pics on either tuesday.. =)

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