Just Began.

Monday, January 05, 2009

my life isnt happening much, today really a busy day i think?

i woke up abit late, 9:45? lols, i call that early but for today's schedule is abit late.

Well, It's a schl reopen day for all the students and some collegues. Wow, seriously and honestly, I wish to back to high schl or either primary i dont mind. I miss those moment! =/

Kay, let's see my today's schedule.

Get my ass off the bed and rush into the toilet then put on my make-ups and everything withint 20minutes. Headed to my youngest sis's schl which is my primary schl with my mom to pay some fee and accompany her for her break and off to Kayu for breakfast. Off to E bank and moved on to M bank after 30minutes. GOD. total spent 1hour in both bank. -.-" tralalala, after all the banking stuff, headed back to my primary schl to fetch my sis and my high schl to fetch my another sis after that. Went to pick up Sam and finally at 1U =) went to visit F, SC & XW at their working place and Ken came after that. We had Lunch with them at Jetty. Loads of funny conversation there =) Alright, get to the point. I've walked the whole building and applied almost more than 10 shops for interview and filling those forms like doing homework. I can even totally remember what should be written in the application form, HAhaas.. so now it's time to wait for calls and got to go for an interview on thursday at one of the shops i've applied. Wednesday MIGHT be working for event. phew. Alright, before home.. we went to Chocolate! Woooo, i got my favourite there. Strawberry dip Chocolate. their strawberry is soooooo small @@" but I've finished all the chocolate and strawberry. HAhaas alright, Sam joining Felicia they all after their work, so home around 7 =)

collected my new spec after dinner. NoNo, it's not in pink. it's in black. and totally a teacher. GRRR, i always looks like a teacher with SPEC! blehhs.

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