Sunday, January 04, 2009

Made a new reader's Banner. =) grab if you want. ^^

Woot, found this two picture takken in the fitting room yesterday while im trying on this dress which makes me looks like IM PREGNANT. so dint buy this "pregnant" dress.

This picture edited by me, What did i edit in this picture? The colour lah! you colour blind. =p tutorial from swimchick. Learnt loads of stuff from there.

Had brunch at paramount and headed to the new shopping mall, Tropicana City. Why aint Tropicana Twister? LOLs. Saw schlmate. errr, dint manage to buy anything there because nothing suit lah. Home after that. and Dinner @ ss2 LaMien. =)

you see? So not happening, =( damn blardy sien seriously. I need a friggin job atleast.

Wow! I used to feel aiyor-it's-schl-tmr-LAH. but now, I feel like what-should-i-do-tmr-LAH. hmmm, time flies. No more schooling and Im now want-to-go-to-schl. Dont ask me why im desperate for schl. And trust me, ENJOY MUCH MUCH before you yell for regreting schl's finish. phew. depend on yours la, some ppl do love schling and prefer schling, some ppl would rather not to go to schl anymore and work and blabla. Wait, Im not desperate for work as i keep need job. Because It's darn boring at home, and CashLESS so i need a job to get some cash.

Grrrrrllll, sienness.

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