It's Just called STUPID.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No, or mayb yes? I AM STUPID. honestly i cant stop whinning I've been in this family with this people. ( no, not talking about my mom and dad my sis, i love them very much )

what do you feel if you actually realize one of your family member is a friggin two-faces and nvr trust you at all even you're a grand daughter of hers? I've been trying and trying to stand it, and nvr scream. but i cant! Hello? how can a human being so freaking two-faces? they treat you soo good like your the only one in the world and the other side is talking about you, rubbing your image with black ink. I dont care if someone out there actually did that two-faces-attitude to me last time. but i care if someone is actually my house member and i actually love her lots and she did that to me. pssst! FAKE FAKE FAKE!

alright, i should stop the shit here.

and fine, I'll just pretend and pretend and do what i like and it's non of your business and just treat you as usual and that's all. no more than that.

yea, just came back from baby's place. true, i have really bad mood swings sometime. how can you not to have mood swing if you only allowed to meet/see your beloved one once-twice in a week? or even just once in a week? this is so OH-MY-YOU-ROCK-MY-SOCKS-GOD!

I am just bored and since I've got nothing to do, i decided to log in my facebook. Im getting to dislike facebook cause it's loading kinda bit long especially Pet Society. It takes time to load. GOSH. F.Y.I, the point i open an acc in facebook is all because of Pet Society. hahaha, so add me if you have one =) if you see me in the cafe, add me. my pet's name Weepoo. Dont ask me why I named that, cause it just came out of my mind in a sudden when i register it. LOLs. anyway, level up in pet society ^^ grrrr, i need more coins la.

Made this for Isabell. (my sis). Tag me if u wanna have one ^^ Im jsut too free and found too many material and feel like using.

(p/s: I've made another 8 new buttons, haha.. so stay tune for my Button Request. Will reopen in my shared blog soon =)


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