It's all Whatever.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Had a friggin so called big-arguement with one of my family members. I dont want to but it's suppose to. Whatever!

right, grrrr.

wooo, busy today. went to digital mall to do something to my lappy, then went to collect my spec that i sent to repair ytd, then went to bank and so stupid. MayBank totally stupid! U need your License, L or P and your college student card, and ofcourse your IC to apply a Debit Visa Card. WTH? U must have that three cards to apply in MAYBANK! no choice, my mom wants to me choose MBB and I prefer their Debit Visa Card cause it's much nicer than the others one, so wait lor. =/

uhhh, tmr gotta go 1U again for interview, disssh!!!!

Gawd! I need to buy more diamonds, my diamonds are all used on my spec case & contact case and now gonna finish and i need it! grrrllll!! wanna see my spec case? Superb cute ^^ will picture it when it's done. But currently need more diamonds to finish it. =(

Went to update that blog today =)

It's not my fault i dont want to play pet society everyday like what i used to last time. It's all because pet society takes an hour to load la my gawd! damn stupid. once it finish loading I nvr want to close it. cos i dont wanna wait another hour for it to load man, see? now it's loading, it's already like 20minutes gone and still loading soooo little. GRRR.!

Yea, decided to open another slot for my facebook & Pet society page =) will uplaod or renew new screenshot for my pet society. =) will also add up if anything i wanna exchange or trade in the Exchange/Trade columm ^^ Be a good deed and make my wish come true =p

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