The Starts.

Friday, January 09, 2009

grrrr, was suppose meet up with baby today but due to his phone so-called-off-it-self end up having brunch alone =(

aite aite, gonna meet up tmr ^^ teehee. kays, went for my first driving class today. mayb some ppl whom nvr drive or first time driving will feel ah-im-driving, ahh-i-can-drive, ahh-im-so-happy, omg-omg-omg-how-how-how or smth.. LOLs, i dont feel happy, nervous or wtv, im totally no feeling but I've only 1 feeling, what's on earth is manual car a must for everyone when they start learning driving??? what's on earth there's a manual car here????? LOLs, that's what i feel once i sit at the driver seat. you have to use your some-energy to fully step the clutch, then u have to fully-step-again the clutch before this and that. omg! my leg doesnt feel tired or wtv, but instead my head burst after my driving lesson end. GAWD.


went to M's working place after dinner with cousin and suppose meet up with sue also but end up she's at home or somewhere on the earth.

need to visit my wonderland now. taaaz

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