Rather know nothing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes im blogging today. No reason just feels like.

My msn will auto sign in whenever I my modem is connected. there's always a small notification when ppl's msn is on and i saw one of my used-to-be-my-very-trustable-good-friend. It makes me thinks the past about us and nothing about now. Mayb it is suppose to? cause it's already since o6/12/o8. ( i dont mind if you don understand, either continue scroll down or Alt+F4 )

Currently not really in the mood. Went for my driving lesson this morning is everything was fine. just few more lesson to attend.

I thought i'll be in a fine-mood today but it seems still-okay. Thanks kor for listening me ytd =)

Gawd, im just non-stop *cough cough cough*. Blahhs.

Who'll be the true one and who's the lies ? Im confuse and afraid.

How does the path going on? Do it need a break for a rest?

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