You know it wouldn't be..

Friday, January 23, 2009

I know im not suppose to but it just came like this and it cant takes off easily. I dont wish to but i couldnt control how much i need it. I wish it was just a dream and will flows away like this.

Since it happened and nothing could control how it goes on, I'll just let it be and appreciate what I have now.

Forever & Had before. Which would you prefer?

I prefer to had before. Even though you cant have it now but atleast you had before. Or mayb some people might prefer forever. But Nothing's Forever. So appreciate now and not waiting for tmr.

Chinese New Year is just another 2 more days. I used to love CNY but i Dont anymore. Aint CNY suppose to be happy ? but it doesnt seemed to since years ago. Though time wouldnt turn back, why not just make things better than before? I hope i could.

You know, sometimes i feel like flying everywhere myself. But I wish there were someone flying with me instead. I need someone could fly even better, Im waiting..

(p/s: im just abit emotional now, try to understand if you want, simply go trough it you don want to understand, )

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