A little Over react.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mayb i am just abit over react.. because i used to answer like that when they question me like that..

Im sorry D. I know i shouldnt have, I know you'r just over protective and worry me. Im sorry. Love lots.

went to baby's place for dinner with his family just now =) thanks.

i have no words to describe what's in my heart now. Im finding a word, a b c .. what could it be? I wanna be alone now. or mayb atleast without them? just temporarily. please? may i leave? just for a moment? sometimes, i dont with to grow up but sometimes i wish im 21. im just trying to appreciate my own happiness but why cant i? or mayb i dont have to now? fcuk!

i wish am there now and receive a hug from him and make it a describtion atleast? I need you now.

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