What you've got before?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great! dead blog =) when was my last post? ytd? the day b4 ytd? right, mayb last last few days ago. hahhaaas,

Dont ask me why i dont blog much these days, I've got no answer too. Im just lazy and tired by work and sickness.

Im happy with my job =) Im happy with my new friends, my new kor? hahahs, yea.. he's nice..

hmmm, wait. i've got something to share here. I've went for my 3rd car lesson and everything is just perfect! im so happy. so much better compare to my 2nd lesson which failed me like hell. hahahas, i even drove home during my 3rd lesson. =) gonna attend for my 4th lesson this week. teehee! (p/s: my instructor is even more nurvous than me. LMAO!)

Seriously and Honestly i cant wait for MPH warehouse sales, so i decided to buy 1 novel at Popular though it burn a lil hole in my pocket but worth i think? hahaas, if warehouse sales is not soon im gonna buy more when i got my first salary. teeeez =)

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