Who knows?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

just another hour and will be the 30th as wat the chinese called. everyone will be having dinner together at home or somewhere. I wonder mine.

I've just came back from dinner with my families, had " yee sang " earlier. LOLs.

not many ppl come for payment or wtv, it's a saturday and it used to be quiet. doodle-d some word-for-heart-borken-ppl's. duno how to explain. dint bring back the paper, left it at office.

ishh, suppose to yum cha with kor now but daddy not allowed because it is 10:30pm, "very late" so nvm lor. =/

have only 2days off for CNY, not enough but it's okay lar atleast i can have some "excuse" to go out at night. muahahahaaa..

Cant believe it's CNY, and i only can enjoy for 2days.. time pass really fast. it's another new year. goshhhh.. i just cant stop cant-belive-it's-a-new-year.... i couldnt help it. i just don wish time fly.. i wish time could pass abit more slower though sometimes i wish it could fly faster. but i still prefer time walk like a turtle..

you know? I miss him so much though i know i shouldnt but who cares?

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