It Suppose to.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Have you ever try to apply more than 10jobs within 5hours? Have you ever try to go for atleast 2interview within 3hours? LOLs. This is really funny.

there's 3 jobs approved me, there 1 more interview ,Etude House am suppose to go next week if im not working yet. there's Pink Pussy Cat, Maxis & TopShop. I decided not to work at PPC, so left TS & MS and am actually still thinking which one to go. I like TS but MS will be better. SO i think I decide to work at MS. and not to go for the last interview next week. But Im 100% a fans of Etude House, sobs =( mom and everyone rather me to work at MS. Pheww. Nevermind lor. So, gonna start my work next monday @ Maxis ss2.

Is this a joke? am using Digi and a totally digi fans but am working at Maxis and only used Maxis for once like within 2months. Hahahaa.. Seriously and honestly i know nothing about Maxis and i know alot about Digi, GAWD! why isnt Digi ss2 having vacancy nowww? this is so stupid kays.

great, buying another pair of lens =) am so in love with that colour compare to this one im wearing now. and im totally a Geo Lens Fans, I love their brand but beward, some are fake so becareful when you buy aites.

p/s: you dont buy something that you dont trust AT ALL.

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