The busy-ness?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have been busy working and sleep lately, LOLs.

Changed my position, currently helping at counter =) any payment? register new line? ^^ teehees.

Kinda like there, everyone there is nice and helpful =) tell honest kays, hahaaas..

sooner or later, mayb next week or somewhere around week after next week i'll be incharging the hall of the place =/ i hope that's no true.

GoD, feeling so not well today. (already get used to it due to my health problem since years ago) nearly fall on the floor today because i can see few stars on my head. LOLs plus im now having my "girl's mummy", Gawd..!

have you ever try to have a friend that only know for 4 days but it feels like 4 years? im sure everyone does and me too =)

p/s: I still miss my jimuis & friends very much!!!! only able to meet up on saturday night and sunday =/ dont forget me! i miss you guys!!

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