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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wow, Happy Chinese Niu Year peepo ^^

can i consider CNY is the happiest day for all the kids? they can follow their parents here and there and collect ang pau(s) .. I think that's what every kids loved.

Went to Klang, my all-mom's-side-grand-house for visit.. went for few houses. LOLs. got many ang paus.. I can consider this year will be the most less ang pau i got ( excluding my first-of-my-life-salary ) There's no reason why because it shouldnt be explained. but im still happy with it though im always the least ang pau among my sis =)

went puchong's neway this afternoon untill evening.. then headed to OU with kor for movie.. we had sakae ^^ thanks kor anyway.. and know what? for the sake we got stuck when we'r going out. we paid our card and slot in the thing and the tiang suppose to move upwards but its not moving at all.. it wasted our 30mints time just to search for some usefull security or whoever working there.. this is just sake.. alright, let not mention it anymore.. =)

the movie was nice, The Wedding Game.. it's a funny movie, everyone laugh till their stomach ache. hahahaa.. i dont rate movies, so watch yourself ^^

wooo, i can see many peepo had already done something to their hair, like colouring it. hahahas.. i wanted too but since im not allowed so just forget about it. curling my own hair by myself these days, wasnt looks so good ytd but today was much more better =) satisfied with it. ahahass..

well, i can see many things are changing, or mayb changing even more? seriously i miss em, i meant my besties.. i wonder if they still rmb me? =( grahh, nth could be better than em, aiks..

great, gotta work tmr =) shall move my ass off now =)

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