When was It ?

Friday, January 30, 2009

i was planned to blog ytd but urm dint manage due to the late-reach-home.

thanks kor for your ride ytd morning to work. i wasnt in a good situation ytd morning as thing happened the day before. I appreciate ytd's night conversation with D. =) thanks for your forgiveness and your understanding.

went back home for dinner and bathe then headed to Ken's place ytd. was suppose to give him a supprise but dint manage to =/ aiks. nvm =) gave Sam & Ken a best friend hug when we meet up. Had another dinner with Ken's family. hahaha, moved on to Ken's aunty's house for a visit after dinner.. we camwhore lots, conversation lots.. =) ahhhh! i wish we best friend could be like that atlest twice in a week. =/ miss you guys so much! when next? urm, home around 1something by Ken's mother gambling there. His sis or mom is really lucky enough to win almost everyone's ang pau. hahahah..

what's on earth gonig on today? god knows why is there so many peepo walk-in. and most of `em gave up for the long queue. L-O-L.

thanks for the devil reach in a time for giving me an illness again. teeeex!

p/s: I wont be uploading pics in my blog temporarily. if wanna see, view my facebook =)

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