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Sunday, February 01, 2009


oh-my-effing-gawd. i've been eating loads of diff candy which to help to cure cough and few diff medicine, i dont taste anything at all anymore. my tastebud just dead i think? because of all those candies and medi. gosh! i'll nvr want to sick anymore.. it's crazy eating those candies and medi and cough during the midnight when you've already reach the wonderland and the cough just freak you awake. gish!

it's a new month of the year 2009. how fast could time flies.. and i've work for almost more than a half month..

ytd i work at the counter due to 2 ppl from counter was mc. i think.. but counter 1 came back around 11.. i was so happy ytd because i saw my best favourite beloved math teacher! pn.liew.. i was shocked and same goes to her when i called her. she said i looks familiar but she couldnt rmb my name due to im wearing spec and she was freak out that i wore spec. hahaha.. love lots ! ^^


Let me tell you something real stupid. I've already made an appointment earlier to attend my driving lesson today, I also woke 30mint before my instructor reach my place. I sat outside for almost 40mints but i dont see any L car here.. grrr.. instead, i awake kor for breakfast by accidentally. LOLs. so yea i just came back for breakfast with him and now ready back to my wonderland =) nighty.

p/s: baby i miss you. D2, i miss you to. =)

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